Underwater Photography

Hawaii is a paradise precisely because it’s an island in the middle of nowhere. And what is Hawaii’s most distinguished natural wonder? The gorgeous blue waters surrounding this rock out in the middle of the ocean. Hawaii has unparalleled crystal clear waters, a huge variety of friendly sea creatures and unbelievable structures created by mother nature millions of years in the making. In other words, the PERFECT setting for a most unusual and unique type of photography!

There are so many ways to use underwater photography to enhance and emphasize branding, lifestyle and even wedding creative artistry. We have decades of experience shooting incredible underwater images that defy convention and show ultimate creativity!

When planning a photo session for any particular need, we always love to bring up the infinite possibilities of shooting you underwater to provide a jaw dropping photographic experience.

One of the most unique additions in Wedding Photography has us taking the bride and groom underwater for shots that will say 2,000 words if a normal photo is worth 1,000.

While you were searching for a gorgeous gazebo or stunning jungle scene to take your day-of portraits, some adventurous brides and grooms let us scout their photo locale under-the-sea. Hey, this is HAWAII. The water is clean and warm with numerous props courtesy of mother nature. How’s that for an out-of-the-box and off-of-land location? (Your mermaid-loving childhood-self is screaming right now…) Armed with a waterproof camera and knowing the best locations to shoot, we capture brides and grooms floating in an underwater wonderland after saying their “I dos” for some seriously magical mementos.


So what’s keeping you from diving in, post-wedding to capture a few especially splashy nuptial pics? And If you’re cringing at the thought of your dream (and expensive…) wedding dress being submerged, were you really ever going to wear that thing again?