Head Shots

A Head Shot can quickly communicate personality and create connection. Head Shots are used in branding, on sites that require a flattering representation such as LinkedIn or even a dating site and of course in modeling and acting. It’s been said that an image speaks thousand words, but a Head Shot goes beyond a thousand words and speaks to the sub-conscious mind to a deeper level. Upon looking at a Head Shot, a complex biased towards an individual lights up the synoptic brain to decide how to accept and build a relationship with the portrait. In milliseconds we will either accept or dismiss the being behind the image viewed. Don’t you want an expert taking your Head Shot to portray YOU in the most favorable way possible?

While a modern portrait “Head Shot”, may seem quite similar to a regular old photograph, don’t be fooled. A seasoned head shot photographer uses the latest software to make an image that will help your mind respond favorably towards the client being photographed. The eyes are sharper than the rest of the image, situated at the 1/3rd quadrant, the amount of contrast is precisely intended for the viewer to see what the photographer had designed. A master photographer will make their clients feel at ease and comfortable, almost forgetting being photographed, due to their experience – the client will feel so comfortable and at times adulated that eventually the image will portray a deep sense of the subjects personality or aura.

Teri is a master at bringing out the best in your head shot because she has been photographed literally thousands of times and knows from real world experience exactly how to get the very best out of her subject. Don’t you want the best when you have so much riding on a seemingly simple Head Shot that suddenly doesn’t seem so simple?